Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Morning After

Last night I made my Chicago society debut at a house (read: apartment) party held by the ex-flame of one of Ian's classmates. I must admit that there is no touching Portland. In preparation for this extravaganza, I purchased for myself a flask of Jose Cuervo which served me well as I navigated cramped hallways, seas of unfamiliar faces, and introduction after introduction to complete strangers I may never see again in my life. I wish I had had the mind to photograph this event, but was so flummoxed by the whole scene that documentation became an afterthought. Ian and I bagged the party 5 minutes before midnight and as we stumbled to our car, we heard whoops and whistles from all around, and if there is one great thing about Chicago I've witnessed thus far it is her predeliction to celebrate holidays other than the 4th of July with fireworks. And so there were fireworks, and whoops, and whistles, and the best hug ever to ring in 2005. Farewell 2004 - here's to another year of growing.


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