Friday, November 04, 2005

fantasy haircuts

I am getting a haircut on Sunday. I have mixed feelings about it because my hair is the longest it has EVER been right now, but pretty much I am the only one who knows that since it is always tied back. It is kind of a nuisance. Anyway, any thoughts on the proposed style? Anyone...anyone?


Blogger ceej said...

Haircuts can be so difficult. Mine was supposed to look like Kirsten Dunst on the cover of Instyle but as you can see by the picture on my blog it looks quite different entirely.

I suggest studying your desired haircut and practice describing. Then, when you go to get it cut, describe in much detail instead of taking in a picture.

Also, realize that although the hair in the picture looks very natural and effortless, it is probably full of product and "just styled"

That being said, I think that style would look adorable on your cute little face.

I got the book and it is so cute. I am in Seattle until Sunday and I bet the others are there when I get back. You are so great.

Love you, miss you,

10:24 PM  

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