Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bird, soft sigh me home

Here I sit at the computer of my father, in my childhood home. What a feeling. In fact, that Eagles song about the peaceful, easy feeling is playing on my dad's stereo. It is thanksgiving and I am back in the green bosom of home.

Last night I got the worst seat on the plane. This has never happened to me before. The very last seat, in the very back, in the window. Only I can't figure out why there is even a window because the giany noisy engine is blocking the view. The man next to me was fascinating. We didn't speak but I watched him as he ate his "snack box" and he was very methodical about it. 3 goldfish crackers, followed by about 5 craisins, a bite off the slim jim, and then a bite off the big cracker with cheese spread on it. Over and Over and Over until his snack box was gone. Then he began folding his napkin into ever-smaller triangles. He just kept folding, and I was staring, and the traingles got really small. Was he crazy with the OCD? Turns out, no. He was a friggin' genius. Once the napkins were as small as they could get, he put them into his ears. Brilliant!

I found some old photos of mine on my dad's computer. Here is one for the road.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!


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