Friday, May 12, 2006

Searchin' For Some Pie In The Sky Summit

I'm not ashamed to tell the world that I broke down and sobbed in my station wagon to Night Moves this morning. Sometimes listening to classic rock radio, it's like pulling a card from the tarot deck that makes your arm hair stand straight up for just how well it knows you. I mean, what a song. It really has nothing to do with my life right now, all the sad stuff that's been going on, but maybe just because it is so familiar, or that I have such specific memories of people I've known or situations I've been in, or something in the chords that when I started singing along, my throat got so choked up and the tears just started streaming. Even though it's just starting to be Spring here in Chicago, that one line at the end of the song "with Autumn closing in... got me thinking about my wedding which is in September, and looming adulthood and parenthood and responsibility. Literally, my mind travelled MILES over the 4 minute song. I have to say it was a great release after the past month of emo rollercoastering. So thank you The Drive 97.1, for allowing me to cry and belt Bob Seger. Something none of us do often enough.


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