Monday, January 15, 2007

Nest Feathering

I've been daydreaming about the perfect nursery for a while now. This weekend I took some concrete steps in the direction of a theme for the room. BirdNerd 3000 is the route I'm taking. Given the family history of birdnerdery, I think its an appropriate choice, and the abundance of adorable bird stuff out there makes it fun & easy for a pregnant mama to feather the nest. I present the weekend's spoils:

First, a set of ten Counting Bird wall cards by Melissa Sweet, available at EeBoo, or if you're me, Anthropologie. I'm thinking I'll put these each in its own unmatching vintage frame and hang artfully above the as-yet-unpurchased crib.

Secondly, this poster:

I've nearly driven off the road every day in front of Frame Warehouse in Oak Park for the past couple of weeks because they have a huge framed version of this in the window that I lust after. Finally I called them yesterday and just ordered the damn thing. This will be lovely over the also-as-yet-unpurchased changing table.

While this is just 2 items of dozens that need to be procured for the little peanut's room, I am glad to be out of the gate with at the very least, someplace to start. Now I just need to start clearing that room of the crap we've been shoving in there and promptly shutting the door on for the past 6 months.


Blogger Eric Mallory said...

Babies are the 'new' powerlines. I do have a fondness for the bird action.....

12:27 AM  

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