Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Great Thaw

Well after digging out of both a foot of snow and the worst cold ever I'm back in action. I would like to draw your attention to a newly-minted fear of mine since I moved to Chicago. On my drive to work in the morning, I routinely pass under some sort of metal bridge from which hang the biggest, most lethal looking icicles I have ever seen. These suckers have girth! And are so very pointy! Every 6 inches or so, there is a whole row of these giant abominable snowman teeth-looking icicles taunting me from above. "I might fall on you if you stop!" they seem to be saying, with sneers. I mentioned this fear to Greg, who told me the story of a guy, walking down Michigan Avenue, minding his own business, when one of these big icicles fell from Neiman Marcus and impaled his skull. He died. DIED! From an ICICLE! There is a reason I take my water with no ice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Robin, I think you have described my worst nightmare. Once in LAX, standing in the Burgar King hamburgar line, I witnessed a frazzled employee after she had rushed in late for work. Apparently, someone ananymous dropped a rock over an LA overpass while she was driving below, shattering her windshield. Now this of course seems quite a bit more malicious than a wavering icicle. But still, driver beware.

Let me know when the the first crocus blooms. They are blooming here, and so confused...

Miss you.

Anonymously yours,

8:03 PM  

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