Saturday, August 12, 2006

Falling Forward

I'm supposed to be working on my wedding vows, but when I start to write them my heart starts to beat really fast and I get a lump in my throat that makes water come out of my eyes. I am overwhelmed. So, to take my mind off of that for a while, I've done some online shopping. Let me show you what I found:

It appears that this fall I will be wearing nothing but tweed coats and high heels. Kind of like a wood-nymph flasher. Yes, this is my fashion inspiration!


Blogger ds said...

i saw like 20 plain old naked wood nymphs from the plane to helsinki today. i'd like to see that gadget. so you are jealous of my travel and i am jealous of your wedding vows and the lump in your throat. i get the lump sometimes but it's don't get to see the cure at the end of the day. shit that sounds so whiny and lame. it's pretty much true tho.

12:02 PM  

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