Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yep. It's Fall.

Last night Chicago went Portland weather-wise. It was all misty-blowy-shivery. I freakin' LOVED it. I can finally and without fear make the closet switcheroo from Summer to Fall. This year I was not so into my summer wardrobe. Maybe it is because since the summer of '04 I have put on about 10 or maybe it is because Chicago is so damn hot one cannot get away with wearing pants in August. I learned from my dad that shorts do not look good on Bonebright-white legs. But, I broke down this year and, for the first time since '95, I wore shorts. But, enough on the sad state of summer fashion: let's talk about fall.

Kate and I have been thrifting up a storm, gathering fancies with which to impress our fellow CTA riders. Since I never go out at night, or to shows or whathaveyou, my only fashion time is on the CTA. Isn't that sad!? And it isn't even challenging, because the only people who ride the Brown Line are business dudes in too-tight wool-blend slacks (in the morning) and yoga pants-wearing, thong-sporting DePaul U girls (in the evening). But Kate and I have spent TIME, serious TIME, writing our fashion stories for Fall and braving thrift stores all over town, getting yelled at by SVDP management in the procurment of 'literary' devices made of silk, cotton, lace and velvet. Oh yeah, and tweed. I can't speak for Kate, but my fashion plan for fall looks something like "landed gentry nerd secretary preppy victorian slut with a splash of menswear and twist of 70's campus cowgirl." You can see why I can't do my fall shopping at The Gap. I think Kate's is about the same, but with shorter skirts (cause she has hot legs!).

Bring it on, fall. Bring it ON!