Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bird, soft sigh me home

Here I sit at the computer of my father, in my childhood home. What a feeling. In fact, that Eagles song about the peaceful, easy feeling is playing on my dad's stereo. It is thanksgiving and I am back in the green bosom of home.

Last night I got the worst seat on the plane. This has never happened to me before. The very last seat, in the very back, in the window. Only I can't figure out why there is even a window because the giany noisy engine is blocking the view. The man next to me was fascinating. We didn't speak but I watched him as he ate his "snack box" and he was very methodical about it. 3 goldfish crackers, followed by about 5 craisins, a bite off the slim jim, and then a bite off the big cracker with cheese spread on it. Over and Over and Over until his snack box was gone. Then he began folding his napkin into ever-smaller triangles. He just kept folding, and I was staring, and the traingles got really small. Was he crazy with the OCD? Turns out, no. He was a friggin' genius. Once the napkins were as small as they could get, he put them into his ears. Brilliant!

I found some old photos of mine on my dad's computer. Here is one for the road.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

All Points West

Awesome Mt Hood
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Cascadia, Here I Come. I have missed you, old scraggy mountain friends. Old hippy town of my younger years. Can't God Damn Wait to see you.

Portland Plans:
Stumptown Coffee
Powell's Books
Long Walk In Mt. Tabor Park
Chocolate Volcano Cake + Chimay at Pix
Ripe Family Supper with Best of Friends
Soak in Hilton Hot Tub

Eugene Plans:
Espresso Roma Coffee
Huevos Rancheros at Cafe Siena
Hike the Butte
Raid Mom's Old Photos
Read Old Middle School Notes in Attic

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Reaping Machines?

Y'all, I did not get my sweater made this weekend. HOWEVER! I have the materials. I am ready to go, but I do not own a sewing machine in this city. My old Brother is resting in my parent's attic in Eugene, Oregon. It didn't fit in the back of the Sube when I drove here last year. Does anyone in the Chicago area who also happens to be reading this have a sewing machine in working condition that they would be willing to part with? I am accepting all reasonable offers between $0 and $75.

if so, holler! rbonebright at yahoo dot com.

Dogs Doo

This is Ozzie. Today he pooped on the rug in my office, which effectively ended all work activity for the day. I love dogs.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Designer (day) Dreams

Fantasy Sweaters
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A while ago I regaled you with my fantasy coatrack. Here I present you with my fantasy sweater. Not to be a fantasy for long, however, as I plan to whip this up over the weekend of old sweaters.

I propose a contest.

If you choose to create this sweater yourself, email me a photo of the result. As the "designer," I will also be the "judge." And one of you will win a "prize."

Not sure what that prize will be just yet, but it will be a great prize, youcanbetyrlife!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Uh Oh

As I drove to work today, my windshield was dusted with the faintest of snows. Only 2 or 3 flakes, but I fear their brothers and sisters are just around the corner. Time just continues to pass…sigh.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Popcorn Balls

This is gonna seem weird but you know how sometimes you eat a piece of popcorn and it tastes like someone else’s bad breath? Has that ever happened to you?


In Public With Things That Smell Bad

This morning I spent my commute with a bag of onions. Well, at least I am sure that is what everyone in the train car thought I was holding. Really I was bringing bagels with lox & all the fixings to my office for a breakfast meeting but its not like I could open the bag and show that to everyone who was casting snotty sidelong glances at me. I tried to put the frangrant offender in my bag, but the rustling of the bag only served to release even more of the onion smell. Finally I decided just to hold it and try not to move. It reminded me of this time when Ian and I went to Whole Foods and made ourselves these huge salads and then took them to the movies. I'll never do that again! After that I understood why movie theaters don't have their own salad bars. Salad stinks! At least the way I like it, with blue cheese and hard boiled eggs and balsamic vinaigrette. There we were, up in the top row -- I think we were seeing "Before Sunset" or some wussy movie like that. I'm eating my salad and this well-groomed couple sits down next to me. The woman immediately starts sniffing at the air, and turning up her nose. She kind of leans over and shoots me this look like I am the grossest person alive. An estimation with which, at the moment she looked at me, I kind of had to agree. So they got up and moved waaaay away from us. I just had to laugh. I mean, what kind of total loser brings a salad to the movies? Still, I always remember that episode fondly when I am in public with something that smells bad.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Desires that Ruin Yr Life

I am obsessed with real estate listings. I'm talking CRAZY obsessed. Like spending half a day on the sofa without moving, trolling various MLS websites obsessed. Did you know that you can buy a humongous mansion in Birmingham, Alabama, for about the same price as a studio apartment in Chicago? Madness! Or that you can buy 40 acres of totally magnificent desert-y property outside of Marfa, TX (new arts commune) for like, 20 grand but that a 2 bedroom, heinous ranch home in Portland costs $260,000? One can actually buy a really nice house for a nice price in these communities: Omaha, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Iowa City, Ann Arbor & Austin. Don't even think about it in places like Seattle or San Francisco. Even my hometown of Eugene, Oregon is getting to be a little unreasonable. I guess it is just that I really get in a nesty way this time of year. I want to hunker down in a house, with a fireplace and a good book (er, tv show) and bake some muffins or something. I want an upstairs with creaky floorboards and lots of bookcases. I want to feel safe and cozy and like I'm HOME. I also want to be able to knock out a wall or paint the bathroom a garish shade of whatever-the-hell-I-want. I know I will have my own home one day, when I decide where it is I want to live and I don't have a life partner in graduate school. I will furnish it with loving care and prepare large meals on Sundays. Also I will finally have a washing machine. Now it is time for some rental-cocoa.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Haircut Update

So this is what I came out with. Ultimately not a whole lot different from what I had going in. And, not a mushroom cut. The hair lady advised against it and I was too sick to argue.

I've got my eye on you, Chicago

Friday, November 04, 2005

fantasy haircuts

I am getting a haircut on Sunday. I have mixed feelings about it because my hair is the longest it has EVER been right now, but pretty much I am the only one who knows that since it is always tied back. It is kind of a nuisance. Anyway, any thoughts on the proposed style? Anyone...anyone?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Little Hoodrat Friend

Congratulations to Jessica "Rick Danko" "Bloggerstein-Zhivago" Hopper on becoming the Music brain of This American Life, my favorite program of any kind, radio or otherwise. I know it was the costume, dude.

After I get sick I just get sad

So about a month ago I had the rare pleasure of being in a music video. I mean, I was totally "wave three" and all the way in the back but still. And it was the Hold Steady. Swoon.

All the leaves are...yellow.

these photos are of the beautiful fluffy maple trees that live outside of my windows.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Susan Scrimshaw of Arlington Heights

In honor of the WBEZ Fall pledge drive, which I have been listening to all week, I thought I would post some Fall photos of the ground around my place. The best thing about listening to the pleadge drive is to hear some of the crazy names of the people/places around Chicagoland. Like the doozy above. Wait. I kind of have a doozy name.