Thursday, December 08, 2005

More Desires that Ruin Yr Life

O holidays, why do you do this to me? I've such a love-hate relationship with you! I love to give gifts but gift-hunting always leads me to my own perfect treasures. This year I have been so good about not satisfying my every selfish desire whilst gathering for others. But guys, I dig DEEP to find the best gifts. This time of year always makes me wonder why I didn't become an editor of some mag-a-log. I think I would be adept at choosing featurettes. Without shame (well - maybe a little) I present my holiday wish list 05.

1. These adorable clog sandals, in red -- natch.
2. This mixing bowl set, in yellow.
3. This delectable stockpot/dutch oven
4. This collection of lovely posters.
5. This classic cookbook, which I can't believe I don't already own.
6. Also, this one.
7. I just love this illustrator.
8. This toasty blanket, in water.


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