Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow Big Deal

I'm still a pacific NW girl. Not having experienced its particular joys as a child, I LOVE the snow. Last night, Ian and I made haste to get outside and play in the snow. A few weeks ago I got these awesome ugly snow boots at Village Thrift and couldn't wait to try them out. They did not disappoint. In the school parking lot across the street which was almost totally untouched by human/dog feet & car tracks, we tromped, made snow angels and pushed each other down in a mock brawl. All the while magical glitter got caught in our eyelashes and fistfulls of the stuff slid down the backs of our jeans, making wet underpants, causing squeals of glee and promises of swift revenge. It softened the hell of my commute in a major way. My cheeks were red and cold when I got inside and flipped on the tv.

My boss and good friend Greg was on that Baltimore flight that overran the runway at Midway airport. Nutty. He is ok though and I am relieved. It was a frantic couple of minutes though, trying to reach him and I couldn't even dial the numbers.

What are the odds?


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