Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I ran out of gas/so I bought a new car

I left the charger to my Portland phone in Las Vegas so I went to Cingular to get a new one but instead I just made it offish-offish. I live in Chicago now. I have a Chicago phone number. I also have an Illinois drivers license. When we were asked by another guest at our hotel in Jamaica where we were from, Ian and I, in unison, said: Chicago. Wow. I have begun this monster post about my first year here, y'know: trials-n-tribs, but it is just feeling so HEAVY. I have set it aside for later. In my mind too I have begun a post about our trip to Jamaica -- for those who are curious you can visit my flickr photos, they are the initial evidence.

If you need my new number, email me for it.

ps. I'm 28 now!


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