Tuesday, January 03, 2006

In(ner)terior Designer

If I didn't have such a fun job travelling the USA and selling umbrellas to the wet & weary, I would be an interior designer. I love making home. I think I learned it from my mom. Anyway, I just found this, which is about to become the biggest time-eater of Winter-Ought-Six. It is like going for a lonely walk in the early evening, and none of the homes on the street have the curtains drawn and you can see in. A professor of mine once spoke of the Dutch during the enlightenment as never having curtains drawn -- there was nothing to hide. I love looking in on others' personal zones. So intimate & interesting.


Blogger ceej said...

Hi Robin,
So, I have this idea for a music video. A bunch of people walking the streets of a busy city. It's raining. Everything is greyish, people in neutral colored overcoats, all in a hurry to get somewhere and it is really just pissing down rain. Then there's you, wearing the Alpine Jacket and carrying your red Manhattan Portage and you keep reaching into it an pulling out these bright colorful umbrellas to people as you walk down the street. That's all.
Love you,

11:53 AM  
Blogger Tia said...

So when I was a kid we read this great book The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter and in it there were all these bears that went into their little tree homes and each home was really different but neat. I remember thinking, "I like this one, this one with the built in bed the best" and to this day can look at that book and feel the interior designer within smile.
The rooms in the tree homes look so cozy and quaint and I'm sure if you look too you'll find a favorite. You should find this book and see what I'm talkin' bout. (It's out of print but they reissued it, by Evelyn Scott)Let me know what you think

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