Saturday, December 24, 2005

Like a Carniverous Turkey

Ian just woke me up loudly exclaiming that there is peregrine falcon in the tree adjacent to our place. I guess when he gets up he scans the skies and nearby trees with binoculars before beginning his day. Not a bad way to begin the day, I suppose. Birding is a great hobby of ours. I like to take pictures of the animals we see but my camera is not so great so I put the camera in the binocular-eye and try and get close that way. It usually comes out looking like a bad impressionist painting but oh well. Now the falcon is ripping the entrails out of a pigeon in front of our very eyes. Wow! **Update** after much debate, it has been decided that the thing is a Merlin, not a Peregrine, due to its rust-colored belly.


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