Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dream Career Thoughts

So this morning I was listening to WBEZ on my way to work, and they were interviewing people in St. Bernard Parish outside of New Orleans who have gone back to their broken neighborhood and are working together to fix it. It was a very inspirational story. These neighbors are all living in FEMA trailers on their own property, but they don't spend much time in there. This was a major undercurrent of the story -- that the space these people are actually using is, like -- a patch of lawn under a tarp or in one of their old garages. It got me thinking about space and how we use it. And how it can be really hard to predict in what ways we will wind up using the space we have when we move into a new place. It awakened the dream architect in me. I'm going to dust off the old copy of A Pattern Language and read up on this very fascinating subject.

As an aside, WBEZ -- you've gotta quit playing stories that bring me to tears on my commute. Ok? Thanks.


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