Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fall Fashion Plan, Part 2

In an effort to minimize my pre-wedding anxiety I sat down last week with a stack of fashion magazines and snipped photos of the things that immediately appealed to me. I find this to be a beneficial exercise in many ways. First, it helps me to hone a general look and color story, making it easier to say NO to things that fall outside the plan. Second, it helps me identify the things I actually want for my wardrobe, things that make sense in the context of what I already own and what I envision for the season. Thirdly, it totally lowers my heart rate.

The funny thing is, I am almost always surprised by the results. For instance, I consider myself a color-lover. I was amused by the fact that there is almost no color represented in what I like right now. Is it because I am deeply sad about the state of our world? Why do I all of a sudden like brown? How can Sofia Coppola pull off a navy dress with black tights? Will I actually buy anything according to this silly plan?

In looking over the images, what struck me as top wants are:
1. flat-heeled, saddle-brown leather boots
2. um, turtlenecks?!?
3. tweed anything
4. peplum jacket, preferably in gray
5. thick bangs
6. lots of tights

What is on your list for fall?


Blogger Ms. Jevert said...

Great list Robin! I agree, who would have thought thick bangs and turtlenecks would ever be desired beyond the third grade. It's more of a Lou Dillion/Francoise Hardy kind of thing. I feel that the long bangs ups the sex appeal of the "natty professor in Harris tweeds" look that manifests every fall. -alana

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