Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nine Months

, originally uploaded by maelid.

Max, I both cannot believe you are already 9 months old and that I haven't always known you. This photo perfectly captures your personality -- sparkling & sunny, engaging & personable. You are always ready for a new adventure and you have no time anymore for idle snuggling. Your favorite food is smashed avocado (baby guacamole) and you hate wearing hats even though we love putting them on you to take a quick picture. You also cannot abide having your diaper changed or getting dressed. Your favorite toy is whatever is most dangerous within a five foot radius and like both of your parents, you seem to have a special connection to soft blankies. None has emerged a clear favorite but I anticipate one will. You are crawling at a clip now, and love to pull up on the furniture and are tentatively beginning to move from side to side while holding on. I try to remember to slow down with you and really take in each special moment, to savor your babyhood but I will admit that I don't always do enough of that. You have filled my heart hundreds of times over and even when you wake up at 4 am and demand that its time to play, your sweet, open, smiling face makes it really hard to be mad. I love you, Max.


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