Friday, June 13, 2008

One Year Old

I'm a little behind on posts over here. The last month has been really hectic, getting ready for the big move. Two weeks from today Max and I fly back to Oregon on our one-way ticket to paradise: home. We are very excited but I'd be lying if I didn't say we're a little sad, too. But, that's a post for another day, probably 3 months from now which is about my turnaround time for blogging events.

On May 26, Max turned one. We had a great party (though not the party we planned - stupid rain) with lots of friends and family. Max didn't really know what to do with the cake -- he kind of sat there looking around at everyone trying to assess the situation before tentatively sticking his fingers in the icing. Then, he didn't really like the way that felt (he doesn't go for sticky stuff on his hands) so he tried to shake it off. When that didn't work he finally stuck a finger in his mouth and I saw a little flicker of recognition come over his face: "Hey! That's Goooooodddd!!" He hasn't really had sugar before so I think it was pretty powerful for him. He got tired of the cake & icing shortly thereafter. I think he could have eaten a whole pizza, though. Kid loves him some pizza. I guess I understand.

While we were in Portland, Max was becoming much more interested in walking, and took his first unassisted steps in Sean & Eileen's living room. When we got home, though - he really took off. Now he is a little speed demon, cruising all over the house looking for trouble. He does not like to sit still, and is relishing every moment of his newfound bi-pedalism. He still crawls from time to time if he wants to get somewhere really fast, but mostly he's a walking guy now. I can hardly believe that just a year ago he weighed under 7 lbs and practically fit in one hand. Happy Birthday Max - I can't wait to see what adventures are on the horizon for you in your second year of life!


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